General Contracting

We are not just able to function as a construction service provider, we are also able to supply all the other resources needed for the project to be completed. We can undertake to supply all of the material, labor, equipment (such as engineering vehicles and tools) and services necessary for the construction of the project from the beginning to the end. This aspect of our role is very important because leveraging on our expertise we are able to identify the best products that should be used for your construction and we are available to use our influence in getting these products at cheaper rates.


Construction Management

Our employees can serve take up the responsibility of coordinating the efforts of various designers, engineers and third party agencies at the site of the construction. We can work in tandem with your team to combine expertise together so that we can achieve the best output possible. Our personnel are well educated and trained on the recognition and management of uncertainties that could surface at construction sites. If you are a client in need of multiple companies working together on a project maybe because of the magnitude of the project or because of time constraints we are also available for service. As a matter of fact, this tactic has several benefits such as reduced costs, improved quality improved schedule performance, risk sharing and staffing flexibility.

Program Management

The demand of construction in the modern age presupposes the need that a construction company be also proficient in planning, scheduling, coordination and cost control and then to stages of design, construction and commissioning. This is exactly what we offer at AVSAR Construction Development, Inc.

Project manager looking at AR screen with Gantt chart schedule or planning showing tasks and deadlines
Drawing renovation of a luxury bathroom estate home shower


We are very passionate about constructing beautiful edifices that will stand the test of time. However, one of the services we are also passionate about is renovation of existing properties. Even with the best of production materials used, every building will get old at some point due to use or disuse. We have the right equipments to carry out checks on your properties to identify which aspect is in need of replacement and on how best to go about the process of renovation.

Tenant Improvement

The world is developing at a fast pace. What is trendy and in vogue today may be outdated an archaic tomorrow. This is why one of our interests is in upgrading existing properties to look modern and edgy. This is similar to renovation but slightly different. In modernizing a property, the property is in good condition i.e. safe and strong without any defects whether explicitly or implicitly. Based on the nature of our job, we are conversant with some of the edgy building designs around, including the latest ones and we are able to transform your property to upgrade it to a modern look.