AVSAR Construction Development, Inc.

About Us

The need for shelter is both a fundamental and universal human need. It’s relevance to human health and safety cannot be overemphasized, which is why the construction industry is highly specialized and regulated. Sustainability; being a key factor in the construction industry, we follow a strict but comprehensive approach to sustainability in our company, one that improves our environmental impact and fosters positive community interactions in every aspect of our operations. At AVSAR Construction Development, Inc., It is our prerogative to constantly seek out new solutions and to create meaningful and sustained change today, tomorrow and for years to come. This is in line with our quest to provide the best possible services for our clients. Although a new start up, our company was founded leveraging on the several years of experience gathered by our top management staffs from working with some of the top construction companies in the world. This is why although we are relatively new operationally; we offer you services comparable with some of the older companies around.


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