About Us

We are a young but rapidly growing construction company made up of craftsmen, engineers, architects, financial experts and facility managers. Capitalizing on our extensive knowledge of materials science and technology, it is no gainsaying to say that we render some of the best services available in terms of construction services. Our services include; general contracting, construction management, program management and instruction services.


At AVSAR Construction Development, Inc. we are big enough to handle the most complex projects and yet small enough to listen to each project client in order to provide the best services possible. Excellence cannot be ignored and this is why we have pursued this so vigorously since our company was established and we continue to do so because we have to leave and indelible mark in the footprints of time that will continue to tell for several decades to come.


We are not just profit oriented, we are service oriented, and this is why our goal is to provide our customers with the highest standard of quality possible because our reputation means the world to us. In the construction services industry, safety is a necessary factor. This is why everywhere we work; we ensure we implement safety principles both for the staff at work and for the construction being worked upon.


Our Motto

In this modern world of ours, its either you are creative or you are irrelevant. This is why our motto is “WE BUILD TOMORROW”. This is not just a mere word play; rather, it underscores our drive for innovation in building services and management. There is always a touch of class and modernity in all we do. We are simply a step ahead of others in terms of every aspect of construction services and management.

Why Choose Us?


You might be asking, why I should choose AVSAR when there are other alternatives around. We are new in the business and quite frankly our desire for customer satisfaction would be higher than those of our competitors who have been in business for a while longer. When you contract our services for a project, we just don’t go to work as your work to service provider, we go to work as your partner i.e. your project becomes our project this is why we stop at nothing in getting every project done according to the preference of each client. All of our employees participate in safety risk assessments, accident recognition and prevention activities. This is why no matter the magnitude or size of your project, our employees are up to the task not just to get the job done but also to exceed your expectations.